Nov 09

Guide to Doctoral Programs in English and Other Modern Languages

The MLA Office of Research will be updating its Guide to Doctoral Programs in English and Other Modern Languages www.mla.org/gdp_intro
in the coming months  and would like to hear from users how the guide can be made more useful to them and more “born digital.” What information is most useful to you? How can Web design best present that information?


  1. Trip Kirkpatrick

    Thank you for asking! For starters, I’d like to see notations for which programs offer threads in CALL/TELL, and the ability to search by same. I’d like to be able to input a person’s name and see the program(s) with which s/he is affiliated. I’d like to be able to rate programs, even if it’s just up-or-down rating. (The page could ask me whether I have an affiliation with the program and weight my rating accordingly.) I’d like to be able to export the result set(s) my searches return or to save the results. It would be nice to be able to refine the search in situ rather than having to return to the search page. Even having a way to re-sort or group the results would be useful. In addition, there’s probably a potential for georeferencing the programs so that, say, I could easily plan a trip around visiting some proximate locations.

  2. Doug Steward

    Here is a link to the report we published on the last edition.

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